Donald Trump Jr. Reportedly ‘Very Worried’ He Might Be the Next to Be Indicted in Mueller Probe

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly very worried that he may be the next to be indicted in the Mueller probe.

On Thursday, one-time Trump fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress and provided details about Donald J. Trump‘s involvement in a proposed Trump Tower Moscow deal.

Cohen’s plea deal also seemingly has the president’s son, Don Jr., worried he might be next to face charges.

Vanity Fair reported Thursday night:

Cohen’s plea also re-ignited fears that the president’s son, Don Jr., will be next to be indicted. “Don’s been telling people he’s very worried after today,” a source said. (Don Jr.’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.) Mueller now appears to be driving the West Wing agenda, with the principals in a reactive crouch; there’s a sense of loss of control. “It’s an untethered situation,” a person close to the president said.

In a separate report, Yahoo also reported on Thursday that Mueller is not only eyeing Don Jr. for his involvement in the Trump Tower Moscow deal — which never came to fruition — but also White House advisor and First Daughter Ivanka Trump.

There are also reports that the Trump Tower Moscow deal would have included a $50 million penthouse gifted to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is unclear if President Donald Trump, or his kids, knew about the planned gift.

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