Donny Deutsch Absurdly Claims More People Watched CBS’s Bob Loves Abishola than Impeachment


Morning Joe regular Donny Deutsch tried to pour cold water on the impeachment hearing frenzy among MSNBC viewers on Friday morning with a curious take based on comparing ratings from dramatically different programs.

On the morning that followed what appears to be the end of House Intel Committee hearings, Deutsch tried to tamp down any enthusiasm by comparing the viewership of a prime time CBS three-camera sitcom to the wall-to-wall coverage of the Trump hearings. Unfortunately for Deutsch, he got his misinformed metaphor completely wrong.

Deutsch opened by offering his thoughts on the whole week by asking the Morning Joe panel if “anybody knows Bob loves Abishola?”

He continued by explaining “that’s a show on CBS, you know, had about five, six million viewers. That’s what these hearings have done,” before explaining the incorrect “branding” that the Democrats have taken in impeachment.

Deutsch considers himself something of a branding and marketing expert since he ran the advertising agency that —  much like President Donald Trump’s business empire, ironically — was founded by his father. Later in the segment, Deutsch made his point again, saying “we live in this bubble. I go back to Bob Loves Abishola show you ever heard of. That’s how many people watched this week.”

While Deutsch’s ratings numbers for the CBS sitcom are correct — since premiering roughly two months ago, Bob Love Abishola has averaged right around five and a half million viewers  — his comparison to total viewers of the impeachment proceedings are literally 100% wrong.

Viewership for Wednesday’s proceedings, for example, drew an average total viewership was 11.4 million, down slightly from the 12 million average viewers who tuned in the day before. The large number represents wall to wall coverage not just on the three cable networks, but also NBC, ABC and CBS who aired the hearings as well.

Viewership of 11.5 million in total is literally double that of Bob Love Abishola, but Deutch’s larger point that he and others live in a bubble? Spot the fuck on.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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