Doug Collins Completely Dodges Question on Rudy Giuliani to Rail Against Impeachment, FBI ‘Corrupt Cabal’

House Judiciary Ranking Republican Doug Collins (GA) declined to answer a question about Rudy Giuliani during an interview with Fox & Friends to thoroughly denounce the upcoming congressional vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Throughout the conversation on Wednesday, Collins sang the president’s praises while condemning Democrats for their repeated efforts to thwart and impeach him. Since Giuliani is back in the news for admitting to his role in the Marie Yovanovitch smear campaign, Brian Kilmeade asked “for the president to be vindicated, does he have to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016 in the Ukraine election? Would you encourage him to keep sending Rudy Giuliani back there to get to the bottom of all of this?”

Collins did not remotely answer the question. Instead, he referred to John Durham’s upcoming report about the FBI’s “corrupt cabal,” continued to shower praise on Trump, and said “the rest of us are going to fight, and we’re gonna fight hard for keeping the Democrats at bay. They have no message, they have no hope for 2020 except to try to impeach this president.”

Fox & Friends declined to pursue the matter, moving along with no further questions for Collins about Giuliani.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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