Durbin Takes Shot at GOP Colleagues During Garland Hearing: ‘At Least One’ Senator Here Was ‘Cheering’ on Jan 6


Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin took a veiled shot at Republican committee members by invoking January 6 as he closed out Wednesday’s hearing.

Garland faced a number of questions from Republicans about a memo looking into harassment and intimidation of school officials in recent months. Senator Ted Cruz in particular excoriated Garland for writing the memo after a letter from the National School Boards Association saying some of those threats could be “the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism.”

“I understand completely why you issued that memo,” Durbin said. “I wish my colleagues would reflect for a single moment as to why that memo is important, not just for school board members, but to send a message across America that there’s a line we’re going to draw when it comes to political expression.”

He recalled how Gabby Giffords and Steve Scalise were shot and said everyone should be able to agree threats of violence are completely out of bounds.

Durbin also made some veiled criticism of GOP colleagues:

I found it fascinating that at least one of the people who was criticizing you today, in talking about the situation on January 6, was actually cheering the demonstrators out on January 6. And there’s ample evidence of that.

Durbin did not name anyone in particular, but he may have been indirectly going after committee Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who raised a fist to demonstrators outside the Capitol on January 6 before the insurrection. Hawley defended his actions in May, saying, “I think it’s a slur on the thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of people who came to the Capitol that day to demonstrate peacefully to lump them in with the criminal rioters and say, ‘Oh, you’re all basically the same.'”

You can watch Durbin’s comments above, via Fox News.

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