Electoral College Members Receive Death Threats for Promising to Back Trump as President

Members of the Electoral College have received troubling messages and death threats as they get closer and closer to the moment where they will presumably confirm Donald Trump as America’s next president.

Demonstrations against Trump continue across the country, and people have been pressuring electors to revolt by not voting on Monday for their state’s popular vote winner. CNN spoke with Michigan elector Michael Banerian, who has received a variety of messages demanding that he change his vote (even though Michigan state law forbids people like Banerian from doing so).

“I’ve had death wishes, people just saying ‘I hope you die. Do society a favor, throw yourself in front of a bus.’ And just recently, I was reading a blog about me, and unfortunately these people not only called for the burning of myself, but my family, which is completely out of line.”

Separate reports noted that similar pressure has been placed on other electors, both for those who say they’ll vote Trump or that they’ll vote against him. Arizona electorate and state GOP Chairman Donald Graham said the messages were “more annoying than anything,” though they do suggest going against the Democratic system.

“It’s out of hand when you have…a small group of people that is pushing so hard against millions if not hundreds of millions of people who still appreciate this whole system,” Graham said to Fox News.

Watch above, via CNN.

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