Eric Bolling Boots Atheist Off His Show For ‘Denigrating The Name Of Jesus Christ’

A Wisconsin based group of Atheists called the Freedom From Religion Foundation have asked a town in Texas to take down a nativity scene that is set up on public property. Last night, a spokesman for that atheist group Dan Barker appeared on Fox Business Network’s Follow the Money, and engaged in a spirited discussion over religion, Christmas and Jesus Christ with host Eric Bolling, which ultimately led to Barker’s abrupt dismissal from the show. It was a “War on Christmas” miracle!

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An age old axiom for polite discussion is that two topics one should always avoid at a dinner party are politics and religion. And this is the time of year where, especially of late, the end of the year Christmas cheer seems to come with a spirited discussion over religious iconography in the public square. In the following clip, Barker did not hedge in explaining why he found the nativity scene so offensive, saying it represented “an insult to human nature that we are all doomed and damned,” before being interrupted by a defensive, though polite Bolling, who tried to get the conversation back to the much less interesting discussion of of how different local municipalities govern and free speech.

But Barker seemed eager to insult Christianity, saying again “what an insult that we are degraded to be praising the exact Jesus created a place of hell.” Bolling quickly interjected, reminding his guest that it was “his show” and that he would not abide having a guest denigrate the name of Jesus Christ on his show. Something about love thy enemy?

Watch the clip below, courtesy of FBN:

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