Ex-CNNers Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney Fume About Their Former Network: ‘It Makes Me Mad as Hell’

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Two former CNN anchors shared heated sentiments over what they say is CNN’s growing political bias since their departure — lamenting the network had fallen in deeper with Democrats ever since President Donald Trump was elected to office.

Now at Fox Business, the ex-CNN anchors — Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney — described feelings of anger and sadness toward their former employer.

“To watch these folks that are playing with the outlet that you and I built along with hundreds of others, it is sad to think that creepy atmosphere is the legacy of Ted Turner. It’s horrific,” said Dobbs, who had been at CNN for 29 years until parting ways with the network in 2009 over a repeated clash of political views.

Varney, another founding anchor, spent 21 years at the network. He resigned in 2001 after CNN founder Ted Turner referred to staff members who participated in Ash Wednesday as “Jesus freaks.” Turner apologized, but the relationship shortly became unsalvageable.

“It makes me mad as hell,” said Varney. “When we started out, we were pretty much, ‘let’s get it on the air”… It was a success. And they went terribly wrong in the mid-1990s. They became the Clinton News Network then. And it’s gotten worse with Trump in the Oval Office.”

Dobbs agreed, and urged the network to apologize to Trump and Americans for lying, and slamming AT&T, which took over the network, for allowing bias to deepen on their watch. He added he had “great fun” founding the network together with Varney and others.

“They can’t do this. Look at the ratings. Who are they fooling?” Dobbs said. He added, “These people should take better care of our legacy.”

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