Alisyn Camerota: Fox News’ Culture of Sexual Harassment Was ‘Built From the Top Down’


CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota appeared on the Aaron Harber Show this week to discuss her time at Fox News, where she worked as an anchor and reporter during the same time Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly were allegedly sexually harassing numerous women.

Camerota, who is one of dozens of women who have come forward to accuse ex-Fox News Channel CEO Ailes of misconduct, said a culture of sexual harassment is “built from the top down.” She also opened up on the way Ailes — being in a position of power — used his status to “silo” women and keep them from talking to each other:

“When you’re at the mercy of a powerful person, one of the things that they do is sort of silo people and say, ‘Now, you can’t tell anybody about these great opportunities you’re going to get, people will be jealous, so, whatever we talk about in here you can’t reveal because only you are going to have this opportunity’ — and I think that’s a common device. There was secrecy [at Fox News], but a culture is built from the top down. I wouldn’t say it was an open door policy, and so I regret that we [women] didn’t talk more, and I wish that we had all known about each other and could have banded together.”

Additionally, Camerota said — despite “some relics” — the cultural perspective on sexual harassment is progressing. She described this change as the “silver lining” after all the allegations that have come out against powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, O’Reilly, and Ailes.

As for Gretchen Carlson — the first women to publicly come forward against Ailes — Camerota said, “I think it was really courageous, that’s obviously what opened the floodgates for everyone. There comes a tipping point in lots of these things and it’s always hard to be the first person out, and that’s what started it.”

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