Ex-Trump Aide Defends Trump’s TV Binges: Watching Morning Shows is ‘Part of His Workflow’


Former Trump aide Cliff Sims, the author of the White House tell-all Team of Vipers, defended President Donald Trump‘s very relaxed schedule in an appearance on CNN Tuesday.

Axios obtained the last three months of Trump’s schedule, which revealed the president often spends the first five hours of the day in “Executive Time” in the residence, watching TV and making calls.

Sims criticized whoever leaked the president’s schedule in his interview on CNN’s New Day, calling it “disgraceful.” He went on to defend the schedule, arguing that while Trump has “a lot of unstructured time… the guy works hard.”

“He’s constantly in motion, he’s constantly working during the day, at night,” Sims continued. “He kind of never turns off. That’s my experience with him. So I really think it’s an unfair characterization to say because there’s a lot of unstructured time that that means there’s not a lot of work getting done.”

CNN host John Berman pointed out that Sims’ own book revealed how much television Trump watches.

“TV watching is part of the daily regimen, yes?” Berman asked.

“No doubt about it,” Sims replied. “But I think that it’s part of his workflow. Watching you guys this morning, watching Fox, MSNBC, seeing how different issues are playing to different audiences. That’s why he’s able to control so much of the news cycle through Twitter and other things that allow him to see that and then react to it in real-time.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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