Ferguson Activist to CNN: Charles Barkley Doesn’t Speak for Us

Charles Barkely was certain to get some pushback for his comments to CNN yesterday over the tumult in Ferguson, in which he called the protesters in Ferguson “scumbags” and claimed that racial profiling was sometimes right.

That pushback came Wednesday morning in the form of Ashley Yates, the co-creator of Millennial Activists United, who said “you’d be hard pressed to find anyone whose comments are less valid than Charles Barkley’s.”

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“I find it incredulous that people would try to gage the black community by Charles Barkely’s comments,” Yates told CNN. “He definitely does not speak for the community in which I exist. He definitely has not been to Ferguson. He has not reached out or spoken to protesters or organizers who are actively working to change our community.”

“I just find it very curious that people are now wanting to comment on something that we have been experiencing for 117 days,” she added. “I find it very curious that people who want to comment on a sociopolitical climate that has occurred refuse to comment on why that actually happened.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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