Florida Sheriff on Fox News: Weed is ‘Ruining Families and Killing’ Americans ‘Every Day’

A Florida sheriff who appeared on Fox News this morning claimed — without evidence — that marijuana is both “killing people every day across the United States” and causing overdoses.

Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd appeared on the network to discuss a 12-year-old Florida boy who gave his classmates THC-infused gummies. Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy kicked off the segment by calling the incident “a warning signal” against legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

“I’m not a prophet or crystal ball, but I’ve been telling people in the state of Florida for years, whenever you take a substance like marijuana, and you put the THC into gummies, it’s going to end up in children’s hands,” Judd said. “When you look at the package it is called the Green Hornet. It is packaged and marketed toward children. So, what did we end up with? We ended up with six, 12-year-old children who overdosed on Green Hornet gummies full of marijuana.”

While overdosing on a few Green Hornet, Indica gummies and melting into a couch sounds delightful, the packaging for the edibles resembles popular candy designs, like Red Vines and Mike and Ikes.

Judd went on to claim “the six kids overdosed, the six of them had doses for 10 adults.”

A shocked Ainsley Earhardt dove into a passionate screed on the innocence of America’s youth being stolen by that loud; that gas; that Broccoli:

“We were in sixth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade then? I mean, You’re just, no one is — you haven’t even kissed a boy at that point, how are in the world — are you seeing more of this, teenagers — not even teenagers, they’re 12 — where they’re getting their hands on drugs?”

After co-host Brian Kilmeade seethed about the supposed extreme-addictiveness of weed — based on anecdotal evidence from his “friends” — the sheriff called use of the drug “not a minor non-violent felony.”

“It is ruining families and killing people every day across the United States and we stand here in denial thinking that it’s not a gateway drugs to drugs killing people,” he added.

Ultimately, Judd threw potheads and tweakers into the same group, saying meth addicts resort to marijuana to “cut the edge off.” In true Reefer Madness form, he also claimed tweakers “use marijuana and meth and go out and kill themselves and overdose or kill someone else.”

“A Cautionary tale,” concluded Doocy.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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