Former Federal Prosecutor on CNN: Barr’s ‘Credibility and Independence are in the Trash’

CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Elie Honig ripped Attorney General Bill Barr and said after his press conference and the release of the Mueller report yesterday, his “credibility and independence are in the trash.”

Barr has been criticized for holding the presser ahead of the release of the Mueller report, as well as for what his summary said versus what Robert Mueller‘s overall findings were.

Honig said on CNN this afternoon that Barr has “done lasting damage to himself and the Department of Justice.”

“The biggest move that he made is when he intercepted the obstruction of justice question from Robert Mueller,” he continued. “I think he was a little sneaky about how he did that. In his four-page memo, he says, ‘well, Mueller didn’t decide, which leaves it to me as attorney general.’ Now it turns out Mueller didn’t decide for a very specific reason, because the memo that the DOJ policy said you cannot indict the sitting president. And it seems quite clear — and this is something I’m looking forward to seeing Robert Mueller asked about — that Mueller intended to say, ‘Congress, now it’s in your court, you decide what to do.'”

He also said Barr at his presser went out of his way to “make excuses and arguments” for Trump that “don’t hold up and were really contradicted flatly by Mueller’s report.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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