Former Long-Time North Korean Prisoner to CNN: They Will ‘Never Give Up’ Nuclear Program

Kenneth Bae, a Christian missionary who was detained in North Korea from 2012-2014, spoke to Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy about life in North Korea and the prospects for achieving nuclear deproliferation.

According to Bae, they are, in a word, bleak.

“What [the North Korean people] have told me is that they will never give up the nuclear program,” Bae explained, “because they are guaranteed their safety and their survival.”

“Any country that gave up the nuclear program, they all got invaded, but the countries that have nuclear programs, they never have any war between nuclear states,” Bae added. “And therefore, they need to hold on to the nuclear programs.”

Doocy then asked Bae what President Donald Trump needs to know about North Korea before he sits down with its leader, Kim Jong Un.

“I would love to see… President Trump talk about the human rights issues happening in North Korea as part of the summit,” Bae said. “I was released and rescued by the American government here but for the… 25 million people living in North Korea… their human rights [are] violated every day.”

“I would love to see out of the outcome that President Trump would be able to speak about the human rights issues and create religious freedom,” he added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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