Former Trump Adviser Michael Caputo: President Got Closer to Impeachment This Week


At the end of a segment on CNN Wednesday,  former Trump advisor Michael Caputo admitted that, as far as he was concerned, President Donald Trump got closer to impeachment this week.

CNN host Poppy Harlow first made note of the fact Sen. Lindsay Graham said it was “too early” to tell if Trump could be impeached.

She then asked Caputo, “Concerning to hear that?”

“I understand what you’re saying,” Caputo replied. “I have been kind of parting ways with some of the Republican consulting class in Washington now for quite some time. I really believe that the vote that the voters make on November 6th is going to boil down to if they vote for a Republican member House of Representatives, they’re gonna vote against impeachment, and if they vote for Democratic members of House of Representatives or challenger, they’re voting for impeachment.”

“You think that’s all it is about?”  Harlow asked.

“I think it always has been,” Caputo continued on. “In fact, with this one charge that [Michael] Cohen has made at apparently at the president, we know that they have enough now to do it. So it is about impeachment in November.”

Harlow then asked as a follow-up:  “Is the president closer to impeachment today than he was 48 hours ago?”

Caputo said this: “I believe so. I believe we’ve got real problems in the House of Representatives. Look at Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter. You see it’s getting worse.”

Watch above, via CNN

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