Fox & Friends Asks: Was Jennifer Granholm’s Speech Too Reminiscent Of Howard Dean’s?

On Friday morning, the Fox & Friends hosts took a look back at former Michigan governor and CurrentTV host Jennifer Granholm‘s DNC speech from the night before. Was her speech, they wondered, too reminiscent of former Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean‘s extremely memorable, much-maligned, enthusiastic “Yeaaah-haaa”?

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While the hosts gave Granholm points for bringing up noteworthy talking points that Romney will have to answer for — including his past editorial on allowing American car manufacturers to slide into managed bankruptcy — they felt she was “over the top” in her delivery.

Gretchen Carlson shared that, when she caught the speech on TV, she’d thought it came across as overblown, but conceded that people watching live from inside the venue seemed energized by the speech, and it could be that it played much better in person.

What’d you think of her speech? Watch, via Fox News:

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