Fox & Friends Covid-19 Debate Gets Heated As Steve Doocy Points Out Everyone in the Building ‘Except Us is Wearing a Mask’


The cohosts of Fox & Friends had a tense debate on Tuesday morning that mirrored the national conversation regarding frustration with Covid-19 safety measures and the effectiveness of wearing a mask.

In a segment about comments made by Bari Weiss and Bill Maher over the weekend and the blowback they generated, Brian Kilmeade vigorously defended Mahar and Weiss and echoed their frustration with Covid-19 restrictions.

“The survivability is 98 percent. And you want to live your life running around hiding for two and a half years? Are you kidding? She’s 100 percent right,” Kilmeade said.

“I’m certainly not hiding, I’m just being careful,” shot back cohost Steve Doocy. “A lot of people, I’m in my 60’s, a lot of people over 60 are being careful because they don’t want it and it’s killing 10,000 people a week.”

Ainsley Earhardt tried to lower the temperature, saying, “That’s understandable, that’s understandable, and you can be and everyone is heartbroken for these families that have lost the 10,000 family members.”

Earhardt continued, arguing that those at higher risks require greater protection from the virus than children, who are less physically at risk and are bearing the brunt of the social distancing restrictions.

“But it’s frustration and reality. Frustration because we are listening to people that don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and ruining lives at the same time,” an impassioned Kilmeade continued.

Kilmeade then tore into public health officials:

Almost everything they said has been contradicted over the last two and a half years. And if you listen to them and are careful and you get it anyway and you did exactly what they said and then they change the rules and never acknowledge that they told us the wrong stuff, that’s what drives people crazy. We have destroyed our lives with people who are making it up as they go along and they are still in charge, like Anthony Fauci. And the CDC director has never been more over her head, she drowns on a daily basis and no one is giving her any help. We have a president out there who can’t stop cursing instead of answering questions.

Kilmeade then argued for a new approach from President Biden, “His message should be, my new message is living with it, not running from it, here is how, move, back to work…”

“But you got to be careful,” interrupted Doocy.

“In what way?” Kilmeade shot back, and didn’t let Doocy respond, before adding, “What mask? Does the mask work being careful? Then they tell us the cloth mask doesn’t work. Really? Two and a half years later I’m wearing a mask that doesn’t work?”

“Brian, everybody in this building for the most part except us is wearing a mask,” Doocy shot back.

The segment ended with Earhardt arguing “it just depends on your age group” before introducing the next topic and going to commercial.

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