comScore Nicole Saphier Rips Millennials for Dismissing Coronavirus

Fox & Friends Doctor Blames Millennials for Dismissing Coronavirus in Least Self-Aware Segment Ever

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier joined the network on Wednesday to talk about the misinformation surrounding the coronavirus, which was somewhat ironic since the network allowed bad information to be pushed on their air for weeks.

In a segment for Fox & Friends, Saphier was asked what was “the one bit of information” being circulated in public that she would like to correct first and foremost.

“I see a lot of people just dismissing this saying that this is no worse than the flu and I’m going to continue to live my life, especially these millennials, younger generation,” Saphier answered. “The truth is this may be the same as the flu. We will not know that until next year. Right now, this is more severe than the flu. We have a higher death rate and the biggest issue I’m concerned with is the overrunning of our hospital systems. I don’t want to see our hospital systems collapse because of this.”

While it might not be surprising, Saphier’s comments ignore the fact that several of Fox News’ most prominent opinion figures spent weeks dismissing the coronavirus before the network decided to take it seriously.

Saphier did not mention, for example, Jesse Watters talking about how he was brave enough to order Chinese food because “no one” should be afraid of the disease. She also did not invoke how Fox Business host Trish Regan seemed to be benched after calling coronavirus fears an impeachment-level Democratic “scam” to destroy President Donald Trump. Most pertinently, however, Saphier said nothing about how her Fox & Friends hosts held a show last week that pushed out multiple pieces of misinformation and allowed for conspiracy theories about Covid-19.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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