Trish Regan Says Coronavirus Is an Impeachment ‘Scam’ Against Trump ‘All Over Again’: Trying to ‘Demonize And Destroy the President’


Fox Business host Trish Regan ripped into Democrats and the media equal parts for their comments on coronavirus, alongside a graphic that blared “Coronavirus impeachment scam.”

The opening segment of the host’s program began with a riff aimed at calling out the “hate being leveled at the president” from “the left.”

“We reached a tipping point. The chorus of hate being leveled at the president is nearing a crescendo as the Democrats blame him and only him for a virus that originated halfway around the world,” Regan said.

Regan continued, “And sadly it seems they care very little for the destruction they are leaving in their wake. Losses in the stock market, all this, unfortunately, part of the political casualties for them. This is the time to be united… Not to be encouraging hate.”

“We see the absolute opposite from the left tonight… The hate is boiling over. Many in the liberal media using coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president.”

She then played a series of media clips showing pundits and political rivals alike calling out Trump’s response to the deadly virus.

Regan then ripped into Democrats playing into “mass hysteria,” aimed at creating to see the commander-in-chief fail.

“I see. This is impeachment all over again… They don’t care who they hurt. Whether it be their need to create mass hysteria to encourage a market sell-off, unlike anything we have seen recently or to be to create mass hysteria to stop our economy dead in its tracks.”

Regan added, “They told us how much they crave a recession as a way to get rid of Donald Trump.”

“This is impeachment all over again, complete with a whistleblower to complain about our health and human services committee, right,” the host added.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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