Fox & Friends Now Taking Coronavirus Very Seriously, Hosting Show With Full Social Distancing


Fox & Friends used their Tuesday morning to become the latest cable news program to embrace social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, striking a very different tone on the public health risk from just late last week.

While the Fox & Friends hosts conducted the show from the same studio, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade were all positioned in the different areas on set. As they discussed the ongoing societal impact of the virus, Kilmeade remarked that “in all our lives, I can never remember one incident, even 9/11 included, where everyone feels directly affected. You don’t look over there and say ‘wow, that hurricane looks terrible,’ ‘that didn’t hit me’ or ‘Sandy hits us but nobody else.’ This is something that’s hitting every single household.”

The show continued with remote discussions about the importance of social distancing, much of it devoted to how different states and other areas of the world are taking their own measures to reduce Covid-19’s spread. This eventually narrowed into a focus on whether the government should mandate that every state across the U.S. should follow the examples of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York by shutting down public locations en masse.

“Maybe people are happy the president is letting the governors make decisions,” Kilmeade said, “but at one point, I’m wondering if Washington has just got to make the rules.”

The new format for Fox & Friends comes after several of Fox’s other shows took up the trend of networks giving their on-air talent space to keep safe distance. This is also quite a turnaround for the show, because last week, they were spreading misinformation about the virus like Earhardt saying this is “the safest time to fly,” and also Jerry Falwell Jr. claiming without evidence that the coronavirus might be a Chinese and North Korean bioweapon against the United States.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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