Fox Guest Slams Brokaw Remarks: ‘If Being a Latina on Fox News Isn’t Assimilation, I Don’t Know What Is’


Journalist and frequent Fox News guest Cathy Areu delivered a strong rebuttal to Tom Brokaw‘s remark that “the Hispanics should work harder to assimilate” by referencing her own presence on Fox News as evidence of that assimilation.

On Sunday morning’s edition of Fox News’ MediaBuzz, host Howie Kurtz tried to downplay the reaction to Brokaw’s remarks as “P.C. polic(ing),” but when he asked Areu about the comments, she was unequivocal.

“Are you offended by Tom Brokaw saying hispanics should work harder at assimilation, and their kids should speak good English? And this was kind of overlooked, the part about there should be outreach on both sides?” Kurtz asked.

Offended as a Latina, offended as a journalist, because it wasn’t accurate, it wasn’t true.” Areu replied. “This is an op-ed he was giving, he was speaking as if he was a journalist who had done some research. And it’s purely his opinion, and he’s incorrect.”

“My parents are immigrants,” Areu continued, and added “If being a Latina on Fox News isn’t assimilation, I don’t know what is.”

The unspoken implication appears to be that Fox News would not be a suitable place for an insufficiently assimilated Latina.

Kurtz persisted, conceding that Brokaw’s remarks were “tone deaf,” but asking why the subject of assimilation is “radioactive.”

“Latinos are like every other immigrant group,” Areu replied. “They assimilate as quickly as any other immigrant group in our nation.

Kurtz tried one more time, claiming “There is a P.C. Police aspect to this,” and that “People are saying ‘That was racist, Tom Brokaw is racist. There is nothing in his career that supports that.”

“They were inaccurate, he made remarks that insensitive, they sounded racist,” Areu said. “I’m not saying he’s racist, but they were in accurate.”

Watch the clip above,via Fox News.

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