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Fox News Anchor Praises Biden as ‘Iconic’ For Speech Honoring Slain Officer

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner was moved by the emotional address President Joe Biden gave at the memorial ceremony for slain Capitol police officer Billy Evans.

Biden, in his address on Tuesday, empathized with the Evans family by speaking about his first-hand experience with the pain of losing loved ones. He told Evans’ widow that eventually she will be able to smile over her husband’s memory again, and he’ll always be with her as long as she has their children.

“My prayer for all of you is that the day will come when you have that memory and you smile before it brings a tear to your eyes,” Biden said. “I promise you it is going to come. It just takes a while. But when it comes, you will know because he’s still with you. He is still in your heart.”

Faulkner picked up Fox News’ Capitol coverage after Biden concluded and praised his remarks as “words of kindness and empathy like he does so well.”

“He is iconic at it,” she said. “So present and so kind.”

Faulkner also complimented the president’s role as the “consoler-in-chief” by praising his moment with Evans’ family before the speech

Consoler-in-chief is a role that every president unfortunately plays in America. And we watched this moment of grief and we feel for the family and we understand the sacrifice because we have watched it play out. We know the meaning of law enforcement in our lives. Particularly at the U.S. Capitol…Our prayers are with that family.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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