comScore Marc Siegel Demonstrates Coronavirus Test Live On-Air

Fox News Doctor Marc Siegel Demonstrates Coronavirus Test Live On-Air

Outnumbered Overtime host Harris Faulkner alongside Fox News’ Contributor Dr. Marc Siegel demonstrated live on-air Friday how a medical professional would conduct a test on a patient to determine if positive for the coronavirus.

“Dr. Siegel is here, and you’ve been together with us all week as he talked about what’s available out there for test kits. You’ve actually brought some in,” Faulkner began.

“Just to be clear, this is just how you collect the specimen,” stated Siegel.

The doctor continued, “Nobody out there knows until now. But it isn’t the reagents that John [Roberts] is talking about that will run the test for you. That’s what the shortages and several companies are now coming along and saying we can do it faster. This is how I would go about doing it.”

Siegel then took two swabs out of a packaging – before demonstrating on himself where the long cotton-like swabs would be inserted on a patient when tested.

“There’s two swabs you use in a relatively healthy patient—someone who’s not in the ICU. Someone who is coughing, shortness of breath, has a fever. I’m in a lab, and I want to test them,” Siegel continued.

“The thicker one goes in the throat. The sample specimen in the back of the throat. This one is a nasal swab, this goes all the way up,” Siegel continued.

Siegel then inserted the swabs in his throat and nose.

Faulkner then added, “Very uncomfortable, I’ve heard.”

When asked by Faulkner where the testing swabs would be sent — Dr. Siegel, in conclusion, stated that many universities have moved to conduct their own testing for the virus.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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