Fox News Contributor Slams ‘Collusion Between the FBI and the DOJ’

It didn’t take very long for Sean Hannity to pull away from tonight’s big bombshells about Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort to talk about the real news – a villainous scourge America NEEDS to confront.

Who is this bane of all things good and holy in the world? Well, if you’re unfamiliar with Hannity’s show, here’s a hint: her name starts with “H” and ends with “illary Clinton.”

Sara Carter joined the Fox host on his Tuesday show, so they embarked on one of their classic spiels about the former secretary of state, her connection to Russia and the Christopher Steele dossier. As Carter described this “actual collusion” with Russia, she then highlighted the absolute outrage that is “collusion between the DOJ and the FBI.”


Here’s the rest of her breathless report. Enjoy:

Rod Rosenstein gave carte blanche over this special counsel for Robert Mueller. And Rod Rosenstein himself signed off on the fourth FISA application on Carter Page, which means he should have known everything contained in the FISA applications…And he wrote the letter, remember, wrote the letter for President Trump to fire Comey. So if this is an obstruction case, isn’t he co-conspirator? Why is Rod Rosenstein in charge of this and where is Jeff Sessions? When is he going to stand up and do something about this?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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