Fox News’ Gutfeld: Media Had a ‘Drooling… Sheep-Like’ Reaction Touting New Lisa Page Interview


Fox News’ The Five opened today going off former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, whose texts with Peter Strzok came under serious scrutiny during the Mueller investigation, and a new interview in which Page talked about being publicly attacked by President Donald Trump.

Greg Gutfeld said his big takeaway came from looking at the media reactions:

“When you saw the story break, you saw the drooling fanbase immediately tweet the story out, and then you look at the people she follows on Twitter — they’re exactly the same. And they all pushed it at this big killshot… but if you look, it’s the same crowd regurgitating the same self-congratulatory bunch of crap. It was so sheep-like in how everybody copied each other.”

“This was a fruition of a courtship between the press and Page that guaranteed it would make her look like the victim to evil, evil Trump,” he added. “The people who boosted this piece instantly are the same group of people that have been saying this stuff forever, so it was all planned. And hen you see a coordinated effort like this involving the media, Never-Trumpers, people who hate Trump, you see why his tweeting and the rallies are so important, because they control all the other tools.”

Molly Jong-Fast interviewed Page for The Daily Beast and tweeted in response that Gutfeld “may have the dumbest take” on it.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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