Fox News’ Kurtz on Media ‘Resurrecting’ Trump Allegations: We Had an Election and ‘He Won’


Fox News’ Howard Kurtz today covered all the big news of sexual misconduct by political figures in the past week, but also brought up the media coverage of President Trump‘s past gross behavior.

President Trump is, of course, on tape literally talking about grabbing women “by the pussy.” And given how the growing #MeToo movement has invited many to look back on past gross behavior from political figures like Al Franken and Bill Clinton in a new light, Trump’s own accusers have been a subject of discussion yet again this week.

Kurtz noted how the media has slammed Trump for condemning Franken but not Roy Moore, and Emily Jashinsky said that’s plenty fair.

Last week, CNN’s Kate Bolduan called out the President for his hypocrisy on this issue and said, “You don’t get to pick and choose when this issue matters and when it doesn’t.”

Kurtz said this today about the media bringing up Trump’s accusers:

“What about news organizations––you’ve seen this more in the last 48 hours, Michael––who are now resurrecting the sexual harassment allegations made against Donald Trump as a candidate, after the Access Hollywood tape came out? Why resurrect that story, which was––he’s denied it, he’s called these women horrible liars. There’s certainly a debate about whether they should be believed, there’s about a dozen of them. But we had an election after that and he won.”

The Daily Beast‘s Michael Tomasky said Trump “opened the door” with his Franken tweet.

A few days ago Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo actually went on the air and weirdly claimed there were “no” allegations against the president.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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