Fox News Sends Top DC Reporter to Red Hen For Two Days to Report Absolutely Nothing


As Fox News’ Doug McKelway reports it, our “nascent, quiet Civil War” is brewing at battlegrounds like Lexington, VA eatery The Red Hen, whose owner told White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to take a hike because of her work for the Trump administration.

This battleground was apparently important enough that Fox News sent a dedicated reporter to the scene – McKelway, who bravely recounted to viewers… a whole lot of nothing. For two days.

“The Red Hen restaurant is closed on this Monday as it is every Monday,” McKelway reported yesterday. “No horde of media out here, no horde of protesters.”

Instead, the cameraman zoomed in on a sign in the restaurant’s window about love and tolerance.

McKelway apparently got so bored he posted a video on his own Twitter showing that Stonewall Jackson is buried right near the Red Hen.

Did Tuesday bring any more excitement? Oh, you better believe it – didn’t.

McKelway explained that a business in Lexington anonymously dropped off a flyer saying that their business was being shunned because of the Red Hen owner’s actions. And then he explained a whole lot about California Rep. Maxine Waters‘ recent comments.

“The Red Hen is scheduled to open at 5:30,” McKelway reported from the scene some eight hours earlier, at 9 a.m. “We will see what the day brings.”

Probably nothing of consequence from Lexington, VA, but good looking out, Doug.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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