Fox’s Charles Payne, Gasparino ERUPT in Shouting Match Over GameStop Frenzy: ‘I Don’t Want to Finish This, This Guy Keeps Interrupting!’


Fox Business’ Charles Payne and Charles Gasparino got into a fierce shouting match on Friday over the GameStop market chaos and the uproar over the backlash.

Payne made it clear earlier this week he finds the Wall Street “whining” a bit rich, remarking, “If they want to change the rules of the game now because the general public is making money after decades of the shorts crushing thousands of stocks into the dirt, I watched stocks being crushed completely to zero and no one ever whispered anything because those stocks didn’t have Wall Street sponsorship.”

Gasparino, meanwhile, said earlier Friday that he very much disagrees with analysis from people like Rush Limbaugh saying the GameStop saga is another example of the elites versus the little guy.

During a segment on Neil Cavuto’s show, things got heated when Payne said, “Wall Street, hedge funds… you think a stock is $100 bucks and it should be 80 bucks, go short. But they don’t just go short. They put together 50-page reports, they get to go on TV. They have their own networks, their own very powerful networks, they don’t need to go on a chatroom and gather a million people with 400 bucks… The idea that the hedge funds are being disadvantaged here is a farce.”

“Wait a second,” Gasparino responded. “Look at the short thesis on BlackBerry, okay… and the long thesis on BlackBerry. And then look at the price of BlackBerry. That’s insane!”

As he brought up GameStop and said “the thesis makes no sense,” Payne erupted, “So what?! Who cares about your thesis?! Who cares about your thesis?! Who are you?! Who are you?!”

Things got tense as Gasparino tried to hit back at one point, with Payne telling Cavuto, “Neil, I didn’t want to do this with anybody else that would not let me speak, okay?”

“I’m not judging qualifications,” he continued. “I’m judging opportunity. I’m saying who the hell is anybody out there to say, oh, you should stop being able to own…”

“Nobody’s saying that!” Gasparino shot back.

Gasparino took a shot at “Rush Limbaugh and all these lunatics” saying this is “a class warfare thing,” calling that analysis “absurd.”

“I tend to agree with Rush on this…” Payne started.

“Well, it’s an absurd argument…” Gasparino said before Payne again shot back, “I’m asking you to let me talk for a minute!”

As they kept going back and forth, a frustrated Payne straight-up told Cavuto, “Neil, I’m out! Please cut me off. I don’t want to finish this. This guy keeps interrupting! What kind of nonsense is this?”

You can watch the full segment above, via Fox News.

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