Fox’s Charles Payne Rips Twitter for ‘Ridiculous’ Fact-Checking of Trump’s Tweets: Jack Dorsey ‘Folded to the Left’


Fox Business’ Charles Payne condemned Twitter for rolling out a new fact-checking mechanism that called out misinformation being pushed by President Donald Trump.

Payne joined Fox & Friends on Wednesday to talk about how the social media service drew Trump’s anger after flagging his evidence-free claims that mail-in voting has led to widespread voter fraud throughout the country. As Ainsley Earhardt introduced Payne and said there has been “proven” trouble with paper ballots, the Making Money host argued that “mail fraud only goes back 100 years in this country.”

“The notion that it’s impossible. that this is beyond the Pale, that the President is off his rocker. How can there be fraud in the voting system? It’s just ridiculous,” Payne went on. “Jack [Dorsey] has opened up a can of worms but let’s face it, he’s folded to the left. And they’ve been pressuring him for weeks, for months but particularly recently. Get rid of Trump’s Twitter account. I think he found a way to try to assuage their anger but all he has done is open a can of worms.”

Payne continued by blasting Twitter Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity, Yoel Roth, for the “mean-spirited, evil things” he has said about Trump and others on the right.

It’s unclear if Trump was watching Payne’s segment in particular, but nonetheless, the president is now threatening to shut down Twitter over their fact-checking.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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