Fox’s Henry Challenges Donna Brazile: Will You Now ‘Accept the President’ as Legitimate?


Shortly after the Attorney General delivered his letter summarizing the findings in the Special Counsel’s report, Fox News Channel’s chief correspondent Ed Henry challenged newly hired Fox contributor and former head of the DNC Donna Brazile to make an unequivocal statement about the legitimacy of President Donald Trump.

Anchor Dana Perino first asked Brazile simply to weigh in on the big news, and Brazile said that she was “gratified” that Rober Mueller was able to conclude and deliver his report. She added that is an American victory that we can now say that although the Russians tried to “destroy our democracy”, no Americans got “personally involved.”

Brazile is naturally personally involved in the story, having been with the DNC at the time of the email hacking, and she and Perino discussed it before Ed Henry asked his own question.

“Donna, real quick question from me,” said Henry. “Do you now accept the president as the legitimate president of the United States, having won the 2016 election fair and square?”

“I believe that the president and his attacks on not just his opponent, but the way in which he’s conducted himself in office as our president, not the Republican president, not his base–he has to prove that he is worthy of the job that George Washington held over 230 years ago,” said Brazile.

“I am now — I will say this to the president: Mr. President, this is the woman you attacked, called me a liar for talking about the Russian investigation during the campaign when we were being attacked,” she said. “I’m willing to accept the fact that you had nothing to do with it, if only you will spend the next 589 days in office, doing everything in your office, in your power as the president of the United States to protect us from future hacking once again.”

“I’m willing to play, but don’t ask me now to celebrate when I’m still feeling the hurt and the pain of what happened in 2016,” she said. She added she wants to hear from everyone else among Democrats who were affected by Russia’s hacking.

Henry interjected to ask his question again. “Donna on the point that you acknowledged, that no American, Trump official was involved, would you acknowledge he won the election?”

Brazile said she wasn’t going to go back and re-litigate 2016, but she added, “As an American, I accept the fact that the president had no finger in it, but did he move a hand to ever stop it? And did he put something in the game to make sure it never happened again, that’s how I will judge him.”

“Now, that’s just Donna. I can’t speak for anybody else,” Brazile concluded.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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