Michael Cohen’s Intense 2016 Speech Defending Trump Against Charge of Racism a Flat Contradiction of Latest Claims

James Comey Fires Back at Hillary Clinton: Even Now ‘She Doesn’t Understand’

Elon Musk Unloads on Media in Tweetstorm, Cites Trump: ‘Why Do You Think He Got Elected?’

Hillary Clinton: A ‘Very Large Portion’ of the US Population Feels ‘Uneasy’ About Women Seeking Power

Twitter in Shock Over Trump Making False Rape Claims About Mexicans (Again): ‘Outrageous and Disgusting’

Barbra Streisand Says 2016 Election Was Rigged: ‘They Were Playing With Those Voter Machines’

RussiaGate Hysteria Exposes Corporate Media as Selective Guardians of Democracy

CNN’s Toobin Regrets Being Too Tough On Hillary Clinton in 2016: ‘False Equivalence’ to Trump

Ex-Clinton Campaign Manager: ‘We’ve Got to Move Beyond 2016’

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Didn’t Know About the Trump Dossier Until It Was Published

Hillary Clinton: ‘I Don’t Think the Press Did Their Job In This Election, With Very Few Exceptions’

Hillary Clinton Admits She May Have ‘Missed a Few Chances’ in the Campaign

Hillary Regrets Not Going After Ex-FBI Director During Election: ‘What the Hell Was Comey Doing?’

Hillary Clinton Rips Matt Lauer Over Town Hall Interview in Her Book: ‘I Was Ticked Off’

Anti-Trump-Themed American Horror Story Was The Least Watched Premiere in Five Years

Seth Meyers Roasts Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders ‘Didn’t Tell You Not To Go To Wisconsin’

Kimmel: Hillary’s Book Is Like Reading About the Titanic While ‘At the Bottom of the Ocean’

Tomi Lahren on Hillary Clinton’s Election Excuses: ‘What Happened? You Happened!’

Hillary Throws Shade at Bernie: ‘Fundamentally Wrong’ About Democratic Party

Facebook Shuts Down Anonymous Group Used By Their Own Trump-Supporting Employees

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