Fox’s Kilmeade Calls for Economic Restart: ‘Start Treating the American People Like Adults’


Despite recent protests that broke the rules of social distancing around the country, Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade insisted Americans “get it” when it comes to the coronavirus, and now it’s time for the nation’s businesses to reopen.

As Fox & Friends spoke on Monday about ongoing negotiations for the paycheck protection program, the show turned their attention to the demonstrators who’ve protested stay-at-home policies in multiple states. After running the press conference of President Donald Trump offering support for these protests, Kilmeade said “What I think is happening is if you’re sitting there in Buffalo or Syracuse and you’re saying there is no problem here, and I can’t get my job and my company is withering away and then you look at New York City that has a totally different thing it’s up to these governors and mayors to get together and say I got my area.”

Kilmeade went on from there:

“The American people have demonstrated this thing called responsibility. We get it. We understand if we can stand 10 feet away from you at Home Depot, we could probably do it at the dry cleaner and deli. So we could actually get this. So I think it’s it’s time for people to understand that we’ll follow orders to a degree. We understand the danger. Everyone’s got somebody they know who has died or is suffering or beat this. So I think that they gotta start treating the American people like adults. I think we have earned it. I think that’s what the President’s saying.”

During the anti-lockdown protests of the last few days, there have been a number of documented instances where attendees violated social distancing guidelines. Some protesters have gathered in close proximity, others were not wearing any protective equipment, and here’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) talking about an adult who was giving candy to children while bare-handed.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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