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Fox’s Kurtz to Ed Henry: ‘Did You All Jump the Gun’ on Home Alone 2 Trump Edit?


You may remember last week when there was some uproar over a CBC television edit of Home Alone 2 that resulted in President Donald Trump’s very brief cameo being cut.

The CBC said that the edited version of the film — which removed other scenes too — first aired in 2014, before Trump ran for president. In the initial coverage of the edit, Fox News’ Ed Henry said, “They claim it’s because they needed to leave room for commercials, that’s the one part, that six or seven seconds they cut.”

He even suggested “Trump Derangement Syndrome” was at play.

Henry spoke with MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz today about the big news — particularly recent impeachment — winding down 2019.

At one point, Henry said, “If people in the media are debating whether or not the Hallmark Channel is fascist or whether or not the president should be talking about flushing toilets, they’re not talking about a bad economy, Howie, they’re not talking about the president’s political problems. I think the point is that if these are the big controversies that have popped up over the holidays, the president’s in pretty good political shape.”

Kurtz then brought up Home Alone 2 and noted how POTUS responded after the Fox & Friends segment, before asking about the CBC saying this started in 2014.

“Did you all jump the gun a little bit on this?” Kurtz asked.

“If it was really in 2014 — we don’t know for sure, that’s what the… CBC says — fine, I’ll take that. If I erred, I’ll take the hit on it,” Henry responded. “I think the point I made in a segment on Fox & Friends is similar to what we were talking about with Hallmark Channel, which is these sort of frivolous things out there. I mean, why is any time being spent on whether the Hallmark Channel is fascist or whether or not Donald Trump is in or out of a movie. I think people get obsessed with whether Donald Trump was with Macaulay Culkin or whatever. Frankly, who cares, let’s get on with the nation’s business. If I engaged in something about that that was silly too, I guess I was being frivolous. I apologize.”

Kurtz added, “It’s a light issue, you were giving your opinion based on what we knew at the time. I just wanted to get the CBC’s denial in there.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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