Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Holds an Utterly Surreal Discussion on ‘Election Integrity,’ Highlighted By a Whopper from Newt Gingrich: ‘Assume That the Machine Will Steal’


Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo held a stunning discussion about “election integrity” during which Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich made wild, unsupported claims about voter fraud.

The surreal conversation took place during the closing moments of Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures. The host introduced the topic by asking guest Robert Cahaly, the founder of Trafalgar voting group, “How much do you factor in potential voter fraud when you come up with your polling?”

Cahaly, without mentioning a specific jurisdiction, suggested nefarious activity involving the ballots of older voters.

“What we’re having to do is look back at the last few years and come up with the number of votes that seem to come in that are kind of untraceable,” Cahaly replied. “People that tend to vote that you don’t seem to be able to contact. And so, you build a model based on how many of these are going to happen. And unfortunately, in this day and age, when you have to build that model, what you have to do is — they’re all going to vote one way. But you have to figure out how many people are going to participate who are just not going to be available for you to call. The 95-year-old guy in the news … doesn’t watch news or anything, who has a ballot requested his name and doesn’t know there’s an election. He’s going to vote. We know how he’s going to vote now.”

Bartiromo then asked Gingrich, “Are the Republicans doing enough to ensure a free and fair election in 2024?”

Gingrich responded by lobbing a shocking and totally unsubstantiated charge at the Democratic party.

“I think it’s probably almost impossible under current law to ensure an accurate election,” Gingrich said. “And I think the only Republican strategy in the long run is to pick issues and win by margins so big that they can still win if you have a very close election. Democrats have a passion for stealing them.”

The former House Speaker then picked up on Cahaly’s suggestion that older voters are having their votes swindled.

“When you have the local union, which takes care of people in a nursing home going in to vote, the people who literally don’t cognitively know what they’re doing, that union is going to vote every single one of them for a Democrat no matter what their personal beliefs were,” Gingrich said — without citing any specifics whatsoever to back up his bizarre claims.

The Fox News contributor then added, “In states dominated by Democrats like New York, Illinois, California, you just have to assume that the machine will steal as much as it can.”

“Wow!” Bartiromo replied.

During Sunday’s discussion, no specific allegation was made against any particular entity by Baritromo or any of her guests. Still, “election integrity” is a subject which has proved problematic for Bartiromo before. Notably, she was a crucial figure in the recently-settled defamation lawsuit brought by Dominion voting systems. During a December 2020 broadcast, Bartiromo claimed “an intelligence source” told her former President Donald Trump “did in fact win the [2020] election” and that “there was election fraud.” In April, Fox News coughed up $787.5 million to settle the case with Dominion. A lawsuit from another voting machine company, Smartmatic, is ongoing — with Bartiromo included as a named defendant.

Trump’s former Attorney General William Barr, a group of leading conservatives, and many federal judges who Trump appointed to the bench, to name just a few, could not find even a shred of evidence that widespread voter fraud impacted the 2020 election.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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