Fox’s Napolitano Says National Emergency Unlikely to Get Trump His Wall: ‘The Law is Clear’


Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano doesn’t think President Donald Trump declaring a national emergency will help him get funding for the United States-Mexico border wall he’d promised his voters.

“I think the law is very clear and I think the President has been advised of it that if he signs an executive order declaring a national emergency and directing the military to spend money that has not been expressly appropriated for the wall or that has not been expressly appropriated for eminent domain– since much of the real estate where they want to build the wall is privately owned– I think it’s pretty clear that court will stop him from doing that,” Napolitano told Fox News’ Jon Scott, Monday morning.

Napolitano said despite lacking bipartisan support and authority for funding, Trump might solicit wall funding anyway in order to relieve “political pressure” from his voters who are accusing him of caving on the wall. The legal analyst then clarified he is on the President’s side and does not “want him to lose,” but warned that he is “certain” Trump will fail on getting wall funding because of legislative obstacles.

“So in that scenario he would win by losing,” said Scott.

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