Fox’s Napolitano Warns Against Surveillance Program to Curb Coronavirus: We ‘Have the Right to Bodily Integrity’


Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano warned of major violations to civil liberties that might occur if authorities are allowed to use technology to surveil the public in order to combat the coronavirus.

Napolitano joined Fox & Friends on Thursday to discuss whether police should be allowed to use pandemic drones to monitor the body temperatures and heart rates of people out in public. He argued that such measures would constitute “a search” under the Fourth Amendment and would lead to definite violations of peoples’ rights.

“We’re not talking about a bank robber running out of a bank because there is probable cause to believe that he has committed a crime and you don’t need a search warrant to watch him,” Napolitano said. “We are talking about people peaceably walking down the street or assembling in a public park.”

As Napolitano remarked on how many rights the American people have given up by complying with lockdown policies, he conceded that “of course [state governors] are right that we should social distance,” even as he criticized their edicts. He also swiped at Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her lockdown orders, before returning to his point that citizens have the right to their private bodily information.

“Don’t treat us like we are children. You work for us. We don’t work for you,” Napolitano said regarding Whitmer — referencing criticism from law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds, who appeared in the show’s previous segment. “The people have the right to say that and do that, and the Constitution guarantees it. They also have the right to bodily integrity. The government can’t download medical data about you without your knowledge and consent without violating federal privacy laws that the government has sworn to uphold.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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