George Will Breaks Down How Trump Has Trouble Getting ‘Through a Sentence’


Conservative commentator and Washington Post columnist George Will thinks President Donald Trump is “syntactically challenged.”

Speaking during an MSNBC panel on Wednesday during The Beat with Ari Melber, Will started off by saying he was trying to be delicate about the whole thing.

“The president is, and I want to say this as delicately as possible, syntactically challenged,” he said.

He continued on: “He has a very difficult time getting from subject, object, predicate through a sentence, the sentences tend to explode mid-flight. For that reason, it sometimes is difficult to know what he intended to say.”

He added,  “as a matter of philosophy if you can’t say something you can’t think it and the fact a lot of what he says comes out in confused language indicates there is confusion straight through.”

Will’s words come as controversy continues to simmer over two cases, both related to Russian meddling, in which the White House has argued that Trump did not mean what he said and others heard.

The first was in Helsinki where he argued he meant there was no reason it “wouldn’t be” Russia when he  actually  said “would.” 

The second happened on Wednesday when Trump appeared to answer “no” to a question about if Russia was still targeting the United States. During Wednesday’s press briefing, Sanders later tried to argue that was not what he meant at all.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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