George Will Says Trump Has Done More Damage Than Nixon: Ringing a Bell ‘That Can’t Be Un-Rung’


Conservative writer George Will said on CNN Thursday that President Donald Trump’s misdeeds are worse than former President Richard Nixon’s, and that the commander-in-chief is normalizing abuse.

The Washington Post columnist and ardent Trump-critic appeared on New Day Thursday to promote his new book, The Conservative Sensibility. 

“Nowhere in this book, not once, do you mention the name Donald Trump. Why?” said CNN’s John Berman.

“I don’t mention Charlemagne or Doris Day. This is a book about ideas,” Will snapped back.

Berman then asked Will what he meant when he argues Trump is causing more lasting damage to the country than Nixon.

“Richard Nixon’s burglaries and other abuses of power were surreptitious,” said Will. “They were secret, and when exposed they were tidied up and we moved on.

“What Mr. Trump is doing that is damaging to the country is public and constant,” Will continued. “It is a bell he’s ringing that can’t be un-rung. He is putting into our civic discourse a level of conversation, and of name-calling, and of abuse that will now seem perfectly normal in the future. Try to imagine any president prior to this one referring overseas to an opponent as he did to Mr. Biden as quoting a dictator — actually misquoting him — saying that Mr. Biden is a low IQ idiot… Our children, if they were 10 years old, we’d send them to their room without supper if they talked like that.”

Will told MSNBC on June 5th that the Republican party has become a “cult” for Trump. “It has become a cult because of an absence of ideas. Because they have jettisoned the ideas for years, decades, all the 20th century almost. Conservatives said we’re for free trade. Trump said, ‘By the way, you’re not anymore.’ And they said, ‘OK, we’re not for free trade anymore.’ Or they pretend to be.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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