George Will: Trump Represents a ‘Pandemic, Indiscriminate Revolt Against Elites’

George Will offered a mixed bag of punditry on Monday when he spoke to Morning Joe and offered his view on whether traditional conservative thinking will ever have a public revival after Donald Trump’s time in the White House is up.

When asked if his type of conservatism is “dead,” Will pushed back on that notion by saying “ideas don’t die because they get imperfect vessels” like Trump to carry them. As for whether or not traditional conservatism will ever be mainstream again with the American public, Will was doubtful that Trump’s political movement will end with his presidency, but called for a rejection of “crybaby conservatism” and a return to the “conservative sensibility” he outlines in his new book.

“The fact is what Mr. Trump represents is a pandemic, indiscriminate revolt against elites. Ignoring the following fact: the question is never ‘Will elites rule?’ Of course they will, by definition. The question is ‘Which elites?’ And the problem of democracy is to get public consent to worthy elites. And the kind of constant harping about elites, again, the crybaby conservatism – People are picking on us, people are manipulating us, we don’t have real moral agency. We’re just passive — it’s victimology, now embraced by conservatives.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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