Giuliani Fires Back at Kamala Harris’ Call for His Disbarment By Showing Off Giant Texts From State Department on an iPad


Rudy Giuliani pushed back at Sen. Kamala Harris’ call for his disbarment by holding up his iPad during an appearance on The Ingraham Angle to show off very large-font texts allegedly from State Department officials that he claimed were somehow exculpatory.

The weird moment marked his second use of a prop on air in three nights, as President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer had also triumphantly brandished his cell phone on Tuesday to supposedly refute a Washington Post report that he was conducting a “shadow foreign policy” on behalf of his client.

“I’m actually calling on the IG and the State Department to actually investigate and figure out who in the State Department was in cahoots or was facilitating Giuliani’s interactions with Ukrainian officials,” Harris said. “Who facilitated Rudy Giuliani to conduct himself as though he is in emissary for the United States? They probably need to disbar him.”

In response, Giuliani made a show of fake laughing at Harris’ charges before lifting his iPad and beginning to read from the giant text messages on the screen.

“Here’s [State Department Ukraine envoy] Kurt [Volker] saying, ‘Great, I will tell him and he will visit with you there.’ ‘Mr. Giuliani, how would your meeting with [Ukraine presidential aide] Andriy [Yermak]? You have time for a call?’ I mean, they are all over me asking me to do it,” Giuliani said. “I was happy to do it. I helped my country get this relationship in good shape and at the same time, look, I began this, I don’t know if Kamala Harris understands the Sixth Amendment but it relates to being represented by counsel. I’m the president’s lawyer.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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