Trump Fires Off Tweetstorm of Hannity Clips Praising Him and Trashing Impeachment, Whistleblower Complaint


Donald Trump

President Donald Trump fired off a tweetstorm of clips from Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, which praised his record as president and also trashed the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as well as the anonymous whistleblower complaint that alleges he abuse the power of his office and his White House then attempted to cover it up.

Trump teased his focus on his favorite primetime cable host earlier in the evening, encouraging his millions of Twitter followers to watch the Thursday night edition of Hannity, which he said “will be a GREAT and very accurate show.”

Just minutes after the broadcast completed, Trump pushed out the first of what would be three different clips tweeted within roughly a half-hour. At nearly 10 minutes in total, all of the president’s posted video clips amounted to nearly one quarter of Hannity’s total time on air Thursday.

This isn’t the first time Trump has acted as a self-referential megaphone for Hannity’s show. Back in mid-July, Trump binge-posted clips from the Fox News host’s primetime special “Boomerang of Justice” that sharply criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller just days before his testimony before Congress.

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