Giuliani Fires Back at Romney on CNN: ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Taking Information From Russians’


Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani appeared for an interview Sunday with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, where he was asked about Sen. Mitt Romney‘s (R-UT) harsh criticism of President Donald Trump in the wake of the Mueller report.

Romney issued a statement on Friday saying he was “appalled” that members of the Trump campaign “welcomed help from Russia.”

On CNN, Giuliani called Romney a “hypocrite,” suggesting the senator was engaged in similar tactics during the 2012 election.

“If I could tell you the things he wanted to do,” Giuliani said.

“What do you mean?” Tapper asked.

“Stop the bull,” Giuliani said. “Stop this pious act that you weren’t trying to dig up dirt on people.”

“When he was running for president!” Giuliani explained. “I ran against him.”

“What a hypocrite,” Giuliani continued. “Any candidate in the whole world in America would take information.”

“From a foreign source? From a hostile foreign source?” Tapper jumped in.

“Who said it’s even illegal?” Giuliani asked. “Does the information turn out to be false, by the way? The information that was gleaned and disseminated, every newspaper printed it. Why did the Washington Post print the information that came from a foreign source when they knew it was hacked? Aren’t they just as wrong for doing that as the campaign wanting to use it?”

“Why do you think Mitt Romney is a hypocrite?” Tapper asked.

When Giuliani said Romney did “things very similar,” the CNN host countered: “Taking information from Russians?”

“No, no, there’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians!” Giuliani said. “It depends on where it came from.”

He continued: “You’re assuming that the giving of information is a campaign contribution. Read the report carefully. The report says we can’t conclude that because the law is pretty much against that. People get information from this person, that person.”

Giuliani added that he probably would’ve advised against the Trump campaign seeking help from Russians.

Watch above, via CNN.

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