Giuliani Goes After Chuck Todd: He’s ‘Not Really’ Objective, ‘His Anger and Distaste For the President is Palpable’


Rudy Giuliani slammed Chuck Todd on Monday while claiming that he actually fooled the NBC host with yesterday’s blundering interview in which he said “truth isn’t truth.”

Giuliani began by taking questions about the weird Twitter statement he made earlier today — taunting John Brennan while offering his services if the latter sues President Donald Trump. Giuliani said he sent that tweet out because “[Brennan’s] word isn’t worth anything,” and there’s no grounds for which he can bring a lawsuit against the president.

After Giuliani trashed Brennan and former president Barack Obama over Russia’s election meddling, Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked the former New York mayor about his Meet the Press gaffe. The president’s lawyer tried, earlier today, to clean up his comments, but tonight, he opted instead to triple down:

Giuliani: One person says the Flynn conversation took place. The other person says the Flynn conversation didn’t take place. What’s the truth? You tell me you how you figure out the truth.

MacCallum: It either did or didn’t.

Giuliani: It’s like the tree falling in the forest. How do we know what the truth is.

MacCallum: You are talking whether or not the president asked James Comey to go easy on Michael Flynn. James Comey says he did and the president said he didn’t.

Giuliani: That’s right, and they will possibly charge him with perjury should he give that answer. In situations like, this the prosecutors, the truth is relative, and it’s not absolute like some philosophical concept. Maybe, maybe through their prejudices The New York Times and Chuck Todd can figure out the truth that Comey is telling the truth, but I can’t. I believe the president is telling the truth.

After more jabs accusing Mueller and Todd of thinking they can “select the truth,” Giuliani was asked about Trump’s latest comments to Reuters — saying he can take control of the special counsel investigation “if I want.”

“They simply don’t have any evidence of collusion. They have no evidence of obstruction other than their version of the truth, which is the reason why I made that comment, and Chuck Todd fell for it because is he a part of it. He’s not really an objective reporter. His anger and distaste for the president is palpable. He interrupted every answer that I gave he interrupted immediately with a talking points for the other side.”

As Giuliani took more snarky, sarcastic shots at Mueller’s investigation, he was eventually asked about the indications that Michael Cohen is about to be criminally charged for bank fraud and tax evasion. He laughed this off — while saying the charges only prove the Mueller doesn’t want to cooperate with Cohen.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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