Glenn Beck and Grover Norquist Finally Face Off in Lengthy Battle over Muslim Ties


For years, pundit Glenn Beck has accused conservative Grover Norquist of having sympathies towards radical Muslim elements. For the first time ever, Norquist came onto the show to address those rumors. Neither came away convinced.

This meeting was sparked by Beck’s latest threat to quit the National Rifle Association if they kept Norquist on the board, and Beck cited Norquist’s association with Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, who had worked with Norquist at the Islamic Free Market Institute prior to 9/11, but was eventually sent to prison for plotting to kill a Saudi royal. (Beck also pointed to two of Norquist’s associates, Khaled Saffuri and Sami Al-Arian, and accused him of giving the two men access to the Bush White House. It’s a byzantine theory that only makes sense if you know the inner workings of DC interest groups.)

Norquist, speaking remotely, said that while al-Amoudi was not known as a “bad guy” when he worked with him, but eventually kicked him out after hearing him express sympathetic views towards Hamas and severed all ties shortly afterwards. Beck, however was skeptical, even after numerous arguing over details, bringing up documents, and accusing Norquist of being handed notes from off-stage.

“Even from just what you’ve addressed, if I just take you at face value, you’re the most unlucky person I’ve ever met in my life. Only Barack Obama is this unlucky with a string of friends who become radicals,” Beck scoffed.

Of course, no one was convinced of anything by the end of the program.

Watch a clip of the debate below, via The Blaze:

And watch the full interview HERE (59 minutes long; behind a paywall).

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