GOP Rep.: ‘Everywhere You Look in Haiti It’s Sheet Metal and Garbage’


On Tuesday’s episode of All In With Chris Hayes, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz spoke with Hayes about President Trump’s recent “shithole” comments, in which he referred to “shithole countries.”

The Republican congressman defended Trump’s harsh words, words that Trump has since denied. Gaetz maintained the same viewpoint as the president saying, “the conditions in some countries really are bad.”

Hayes presented Gaetz with an argument that hit close to home. The MSNBC journalist asked, “If I called Okaloosa County a shithole, you’d understandably be upset with that right?”

“Yes, I could also prove you wrong,” Gaetz said. “I could bring you to Okaloosa county and show you that it is the home of the most beautiful beaches in America. I don’t know if Haiti can make the same claim.”

The response had Hayes rolling his eyes a bit in discontent.

Things only escalated from there.

When the topic of “over-generalization” was brought up, Gaetz took the argument to a new level with some bewildering comments.

“I would not pick those terms but I would say that the conditions in Haiti are deplorable.” Gaetz said. “They are disgusting. I mean, everywhere you look in Haiti it’s sheet metal and garbage when I was there.”

Hayes struggled to collect his thoughts for several second before saying, “I think you should think — maybe — I would surest why people would find that kind of characterization of a place where people live, and have pride, and have love of the place they’re from as derogatory.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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