comScore Cuomo Warns Trump To 'Stop The Politics': 'Tsunami is Coming'

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Warns Trump To ‘Stop The Politics’: ‘The Tsunami is Coming’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged President Donald Trump to “stop the politics” when handling the coronavirus on Monday’s episode of Morning Joe, warning him that, “It’s not optics. The tsunami is coming.”

“You’re exactly right, that New York is the canary in the coal mine, you’re going to see this moving across the country,” Cuomo told Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. “Anyone who wants to say this is New York alone, that’s a political, partisan, divisive view and it’s exactly wrong.”

“And I hope the president gets — I heard your clip about the 4,000 ventilators. What they still don’t get is how to run a government, how to plan an operation. This virus has been ahead of us from day one. We’ve been playing catch-up from day one,” Cuomo added. “What we’re doing in New York, is we know the apex is still two, three, four weeks away depending on whose projection model you use. Prepare for the apex. Have the materials for the apex. That’s when the system is going to collapse.”

“What plea do you have for this president and also those around that keep telling this warehouse story over and over again? When they could go to Dr. Fauci and say, ‘Oh, it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse in New York City and New York state over the next couple of weeks.’ What plea do you have for President Trump?” Scarborough asked the governor.

“Joe, my plea is, and pardon me if I’m a little emotional, but I’m living with this 24 hours a day and seeing people die all around me,” Cuomo responded. “The science people, the government professionals have to stand up and look the president in the eye and say, this is not a political exercise. This is not press relations. It’s not optics. The tsunami is coming. We know it is.”

“Now is the time to gather supplies, do the preparations because it’s too late the day before. If you have not done the work before the storm hits, it’s too late to do it once the storm hits. And the storm is coming. Stop the politics. Listen to the scientists and the pros and plan because otherwise, Joe, Mika, people will die who don’t need to die. That’s the bottom line,” Cuomo told the Morning Joe hosts.

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