Greta Van Susteren’s Husband Calls MSNBC On-Air Talent ‘Whores’ With ‘Pathetic’ Jobs


Greta Van Susteren’s husband John Coale went after staffers at MSNBC Tuesday night, calling them “whores” while defending his wife from a report stating that her former show on the network struggled in the ratings.

“Your ratings were much better than the whores who work at Msnbc. The on air chickens will say anything the suits tell them to. Just to keep their pathetic jobs,” Coale — a prominent attorney in Washington — wrote on Twitter.

“Have fun Shep !” he added, referring to reporting that Shepard Smith has been speaking with MSNBC.

Coale’s tweet was a response to one from Van Susteren claiming that when she was at MSNBC, “in less than 6 months my ratings were up 94% over show I replaced.”

Before MSNBC, Van Susteren spent 14 years at Fox News. In 2017, she left Fox to host a show on MSNBC titled For the Record with Greta, which lasted six months.

Van Susteren’s tweet seems to lay out frustration over a report, published by the Daily Beast, stating that she “didn’t jibe with MSNBC’s left-leaning profile and who also failed with viewers and ultimately departed.”

When reached for comment, Coale told Mediaite his criticism was not aimed at “staffers” but instead “On air folks.”

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