Hannity Blasts ‘Pathetic’ Border Agreement… But Says He Wouldn’t Be Too Concerned If Trump Signs It


Sean Hannity tonight railed against the “garbage new compromise” on border security from Congress, but he also said he wouldn’t be too “concerned” if President Donald Trump went ahead and signed it anyway.

The agreement only allocates roughly $1.37 billion for barrier funding, a fraction of what the president wanted in the border security fight during the shutdown.

Hannity said tonight, “We haven’t seen the language, nor has the White House. Sources are telling me that it’s still being worked out. But if Democrats are going to put a lot of restrictions on wall construction––in other words, that it’s not really wall money––this is not a bill the president will be able to sign. He will then need a clean CR.”

Trump said today he’s “not happy” about the deal and Hannity agreed, saying, “The president has every right to be angry.”

He said the compromise is typical of the swamp “its level of funding for security and safety of the American people is pathetic.”

However, while Hannity said Trump would definitely be right to reject the compromise––bringing up angel families and crimes committed by illegal immigrants––he wouldn’t be terribly concerned if he signed it in the end:

“It would be perfectly reasonable for President Trump to reject this bill. Now, there’s another solution, maybe even a better solution. I’m not as concerned as some other conservatives if the president signs the bill, but there’s a couple of ifs.”

He elaborated:

“Step one: if president decides he wants to sign the compromise, which would guarantee the $1.375 billion down payment for the wall, okay, that money can be used immediately. Now, if he takes step two, which is the president utilizing money he has identified, some $900 million, for additional construction, that is already available for the administration administration’s discretion. That would be about $2.3 billion, but the important third step needs to happen simultaneously. That would be the president would need to declare a national emergency. This is the time. That is a necessity.”

He said Trump would be in the right to take this action and swiped at “the haters on both sides of the aisle” to defend Trump as someone who keeps his promises.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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