Hannity Challenges Acosta: ‘I Will Gladly Meet You Privately in a Mutually Agreeable ‘Schoolyard’ ALONE…’


Sean Hannity poured fuel on his feud with Jim Acosta by blasting the CNN White House correspondent this week on his radio show and website.

This week, Acosta has been promoting his new book, The Enemy of the People, by taking shots at Hannity and fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson over their coverage of the Trump administration. When Acosta claimed the Fox hosts ducked him in Helsinki, Hannity retaliated by saying Acosta has been “begging” for a chance to come on his program. Acosta replied by comparing the two Fox News hosts to state TV and accusing them of receiving scripts from the White House.

Hannity returned fire again on his radio show Tuesday, slamming Acosta as an “egomaniac” trying to peddle his “stupid,” “conspiracy theory book.” He went further by calling out Acosta on his blog:

“As I said to little Fake News Jimmy Acosta, you have not earned time on the number one show in all of cable news. You can tell all your reps to stop begging my staff, the answer is no. Unlike you, I don’t peddle lies on the lowest rated cable network in America. Nor will I promote your lies on 618 of the best talk radio stations in America. Nor has anyone ever provided me scripts or talking points (another Acosta lie). For the record, I do not recall meeting you on a bus, why did you miss your big chance to talk to me? Now I do have good news for you. I will gladly meet you privately in a mutually agreeable ‘schoolyard’ ALONE, as you requested. My only condition is this meeting will have nothing to do with your failing book, failing career, or failing network. I’m free the week of the 4th.”

Listen above, via WHAM-AM.

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