Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera Theorize Arrested Dem IT Staffer Was Involved in Leaked DNC Emails


On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera bonded over the former Democratic IT staffer who was arrested earlier as he was trying to flee the country.

Rivera started off by saying “what should be ignored is everything” but this story, which involves 37-year-old Pakistani Imran Awan, who worked for former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and his relatives who worked for other Democrats but have already fled the country. He also mentioned the smashed computer hard drives that were retrieved from Awan by the FBI.

“What are they trying to destroy?” Rivera asked. “Why was [Wasserman Schultz] putting pressure on Capitol police to try to get her computers back?”

He then connected this to the WikiLeaks document dump of DNC emails, which led to Schultz’s resignation as DNC chairwoman for putting the thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries.

“What was WikiLeaks’s source?” he continued. “Everyone has assumed that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC and then gave WikiLeaks the emails.”

Hannity seemed to agree.

“[Julian Assange] told me personally five times that it wasn’t a state or Russia,” Hannity stated, adding that WikiLeaks has “not been proven wrong” in 11 years.

“Well, now you have a possible suspect!” Rivera exclaimed. “Here’s the corrupt IT guy standing on the shoulders of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, arrested at the airport trying to flee, charged with stealing hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars. What if he was the source to WikiLeaks?! He has all the passwords, he has all of the information. This is a huge story!”

Hannity then shared his theory.

“Maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn’t want to be exposed, which is why they smashed the hard drives — because she knows she colluded against Bernie Sanders! She knows the primary was rigged!” he stated.

The Fox News host added, “If you can prove disgruntled Democrats, in fact, were the leakers and not the Russians, as Julian Assange has said, believe him or don’t believe him — I don’t care whether you do or not, doesn’t that blow the whole thing out of the water?”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.



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