Hannity Trashes Jimmy Kimmel Again After Twitter Feud: ‘Sick Twisted Creepy Perverted Weirdo’


Sean Hannity opened Friday night’s show by, of course, going on a tear against Jimmy Kimmel.

To recap: Hannity swiped at Kmmel after the late night host mocked Melania Trump, and Kimmel fired back on his show and got in a few jabs at Hannity. From there, the Fox News host went on a Twitter tirade against Kimmel and the two of them have been exchanging insults (some more NSFW than others) on Twitter all day.

Hannity brought up old Man Show segments––one of Kimmel inviting women to guess what’s in his pants, and one of him in blackface––and nicknamed Kimmel “Harvey Weinstein Jr.”

And he kept at it tonight, emphasizing over and over and over that he finds Kimmel to be a “pervert” and restating the “Weinstein Jr.” nickname.

Hannity said tonight, “I don’t take joy in this. But I have just had it with the utter hypocrisy.”

He told his audience he is fed up with the attacks on Trump and the smear of “an innocent woman… for reading a book to children.”

“If you’re half the man you pretend to me,” Hannity said, “all you have to do is apologize to the First Lady.”

He went back to calling Kimmel “really creepy and perverted,” said he “kissed Obama’s ass,” and even called Kimmel a “sick twisted creepy perverted weirdo.”

Hannity proceeded to run clip after clip after clip after clip from The Man Show, more than the two mentioned above, as he continued to highlight Kimmel’s “creepy” behavior.

He denounced Hollywood in general and concluded the monologue by calling him an “ass clown” again and actually saying, “Game on, Jimmy.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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